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With over three decades of experience Gibson Quai International is a market leading provider of professional services covering; strategy, managed resources and project delivery services

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Shaping the Future of Telecommunications and ICT with 30 Years of Innovation and Expertise.

GQI has been a trusted advisor in the telecommunications and ICT industries for over 30 years, contributing to multi-generational, transformative, nation-building projects, connecting Australia with the globe. Our commitment to accountability, collaboration, innovation, and integrity has established us as trusted partners for CTOs, CIOs, and senior ICT professionals. We provide precise, scalable solutions that are critical for today's complex infrastructures.

Our heritage and expertise allow us to deliver unique product offerings and consulting services tailored to advance your operations. As the industry evolves, GQI continues to lead with forward-thinking strategies and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

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Established in 1988, Gibson Quai International has built a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality technical consulting and professional services. Over the decades, we have become synonymous with excellence, providing expert solutions across various sectors. Our commitment to quality and precision has positioned us as a trusted partner in the industry, driving innovation and success for our clients worldwide.


Gibson Quai was established on 4th January 1988 in Subiaco WA by Cliff Gibson and Dominic Quai providing consulting services to the mining and telecommunications sector.

Within 3 years won the small business of the year award in WA.


Expanded to the East coast opening our first interstate office in 1992 which then lead to the opening of offices in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne making us a national company by 1997.


Made our first acquisition of a business called Telecommunications Consultants Limited in 1997


By 2001 Gibson Quai had become the leader in their field with over 100 consultants and was acquired by UXC but continued to operate under the same name.


By 2009 UXC decided to retire the Gibson Quai name and consolidate other acquisitions under UXC consulting banner.


In 2011, Cliff Gibson and Dominic Quai partnered with the founders of Visionstream (Bob de Boer) and ServiceStream (Adrian Field) to create a new entity to support their new construction business where GQ ISGM was created.

Later to be renamed and privatised from ISGM to become Gibson Quai International, affectionately known in the industry as GQI.

GQI continued its growth in supporting Australia's telecommunications industry with advisory and engineering services.


In 2017, the board looking towards the future brought in Michael de Boer as a director and shareholder who complimented the business with telecommunications systems and IT capabilities.


In 2018 GQI began its operations in India, focusing on network design and engineering capabilities.

GQI then grew into a business of around 100 employees again opening its capabilities to a range of telecommunications based services and offerings.


In 2023 GQI acquired Punch IT who were a leader in Service Management solutions with a niche in Telecommunications and network operations. This acquisition also brought in a new Director and Shareholder Piyush Agrawal.

This acquisition has opened the IT Services side of GQI to expand their capabilities in Telecommunications while shaping their future with a complimentary IT services arm.
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Shaping the Future of Telecommunications and ICT with 30 Years of Innovation and Expertise

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