Network Inventory Platform for an international Submarine network carrier

Supplying and implementing a network inventory solution for a major international Submarine network carrier


Major Submarine network carrier


Solution Identification



Data Migration



ConnectMaster PNI\LNI

NMS Integration

GIS with Migrated Data

Cable, Connectivity,and ISP Data Migrations

Ongoing local support

8 Months

The Challenge

Our client, a major player in the international submarine cable market, manages extensive terrestrial networks that connect customers to their landing stations. As their network and business rapidly expanded, they foresaw the need to invest in a Network Inventory Solution to pre-empt data management challenges that could impede their operations and the rapid delivery of new services. Recognizing our expertise in this area, they invited us to propose a solution that would meet their evolving needs.

The Solution

At Gibson Quai International (GQI), we support multiple network inventory solutions, but our guiding principle is to ensure our customers find the best fit for their specific requirements, whether we support the solution or not. For this client, ConnectMaster emerged as the ideal solution. Out-of-the-box, ConnectMaster offers comprehensive Physical Network Inventory features, perfectly suited to long-haul fibre networks, and its Logical Inventory capabilities are particularly robust in WDM, OTN, and MPLS technologies. Notably, ConnectMaster already featured NMS integration with the client’s primary management platform, enabling seamless, automatic population of all active equipment and service topology once implemented. GQI managed an extensive data migration process, transforming our client’s legacy data into an accurate digital twin of their physical infrastructure, including GIS. We also provided customised training and facilitated the rollout to their users.

The Result

The implementation of the ConnectMaster system significantly enhanced our client's operational capabilities by providing a robust and scalable network inventory solution. The seamless integration with their existing systems allowed for real-time visibility and management of their network infrastructure. This strategic upgrade has empowered our client to manage their growing network more efficiently, reduce operational risks, and accelerate the deployment of new services. The investment in a tailored network inventory system has positioned them well to maintain their competitive edge in the fast-evolving telecommunications landscape.

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