Detailed Data Centre Audit

Desktop and on-site audit of data centre equipment and systems.


Large Mining Company

  • Technical Consulting
  • On-Site Auditing
  • Data Reconcilliation
  • Power Expertise

  • Audit Planning
  • Delivery Governance
  • Impact Analysis Reporting
  • Technical Guidance
3 Months

The Challenge

An Australian mining and metals company was preparing for critical electrical works at one of their regional data centre sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The client needed a detailed understanding of the impacts of associated outages on various critical systems that support their business operations. Planning was crucial to ensure that all potential impacts were accurately identified, enabling the business to implement appropriate measures to mitigate system downtime.

The Solution

Gibson Quai International (GQI) undertook a meticulous information gathering exercise, which included a desktop audit followed by an on-site audit of all equipment and services operating from within the data centre. This thorough examination allowed for a complete inventory and assessment of all critical systems. Following the audit, stakeholders were actively engaged in discussions to verify findings and collaboratively determine the potential impacts of electrical isolations on business operations. A detailed report was subsequently compiled, providing comprehensive details of all equipment and systems present, an analysis of the impact of electrical isolation, and an identification of existing redundancy measures. This report was pivotal in outlining specific strategies to ensure continuity and mitigate risks associated with the planned electrical works.

The Result

Gibson Quai International (GQI) successfully documented the physical equipment, along with the associated systems and services hosted in the data centre. By comprehensively detailing the potential impacts of a power outage, the report became instrumental in enhancing the overall project planning and risk mitigation efforts. This in-depth documentation facilitated informed decision-making and strategic planning, ensuring the smooth execution of the critical electrical works. The meticulous planning and risk assessments enabled by our report ensured that the client could carry out the necessary upgrades with minimal disruption to their ongoing operations.

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