Offshore network design quality assurance services

Providing network design review and quality auditing services for a fibre deployment program


National Australia Telecommunications Carrier

  • Planning Support
  • Design Review
  • AutoCAD
  • Quality Assurance
  • Advisory Services
  • Enablement
  • Offshore Services
  • Quality Framework
  • Governance
  • Reporting
2 years

The Challenge

Our client expanded into the enterprise business services domain, engaging build partners to manage the design and construction. A major concern arose regarding the potential quality implications of this new service offering within their network. To address this, they sought to establish a design review capability for the first two years of the program, ensuring that build partners adhered to their strict quality specifications. They needed a cost-effective solution that still maintained the high-quality standards expected from onshore services.

The Solution

GQI commenced with a consultancy exercise to define the quality standards tailored to the client’s requirements. We initially assembled a small team of SMEs familiar with the necessary tasks to manage the initial volumes of work. As the workload increased, our offshore design team began handling the excess review tasks. This arrangement continued until we could restructure the team, positioning the SMEs onshore to oversee the majority of the review work conducted offshore. We maintained regular reporting throughout the program, refining our processes until we identified the essential checks for quality assurance. This enabled us to support our client in developing internal automations to carry out these checks.

The Result

The client quickly gained an understanding of the critical metrics required to ensure their partners met their quality standards. Throughout our engagement, we continually refined our checks to maximise the value of the services we provided. The integration of our offshore team proved to be cost-effective and efficient, delivering high-quality design reviews complemented by robust support from our onshore team.

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