Technical resourcing for a major Satellite system upgrade

Providing technical resources to support a major upgrade to systems and infrastructure for a Satellite network


National Australian Telecommunications Carrier

  • Project Managements
  • Deployment Management
  • Vendor Management
  • MPLS and IP Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Technical Specialist
  • On Demand Resources
  • Project Managers
  • Technical SMEs
  • Deployment Specialists
  • Governance
  • Reporting
2 Years

The Challenge

Our client was undertaking a significant upgrade and lifecycle refresh of their satellite network. This complex programme involved multiple tranches of work, starting from the terrestrial infrastructure to supporting OSS stack enhancements, capacity upgrades, and enhancements to uplinks to the satellite and downlinks to their customers. Given the involvement of several vendors in the programme, robust technical capabilities alongside excellent communication and project management skills were essential.

The Solution

Gibson Quai International assembled a team of technical and management resources to bolster our client's delivery capabilities for this extensive programme. After analysing the requirements and resource profiles, we deployed a scalable team of seasoned experts. The management group consisted of project and deployment managers with extensive experience in satellite systems. Additionally, we provided technical specialists to support various deployment tranches and facilitate vendor liaison. Our team included satellite technical experts for capacity upgrades and transmission support, IP/MPLS specialists for terrestrial components, hardware and cloud infrastructure SMEs for hardware migrations, and OSS and Netcool SMEs for OSS transitions.

The Result

Our involvement equipped the client with top-tier technical, project, and deployment expertise necessary to execute the complex programme at a fraction of the cost offered by larger consultancy firms. Our comprehensive governance, support, and oversight ensured that our team provided more than mere resource delivery. The strategic scaling and timing over the resource deployment were managed meticulously to minimise expenses and maximise efficiency, ensuring successful programme execution with enhanced cost-effectiveness.

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