Project Governance for Major Hydro Power Renewables Project

Providing Project Management Office governance to a major renewables project


Major Hydro Power Company


  • Project Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting and Compliance Services
  • Fixed Networks
  • Established robust project governance frameworks
  • Implemented comprehensive risk management strategies
  • Provided detailed reporting and compliance oversight.

The Challenge

Our client, is responsible for a major renewable energy initiative in Australia. This project represents a significant expansion of an existing Hydro-electric Scheme, aiming to increase its generation capacity by 2,200 megawatts and provide large-scale energy storage. The enhancements are designed to support Australia's transition to a low-carbon emissions future, ensuring secure and stable energy supply.

GQI was engaged to support and implement PMO governance structures to align with industry best practice, managing complex risks and ensuring transparent reporting were critical to maintain stakeholder trust and project viability.

The Solution

Expert project governance, risk management, and reporting services, which included:

Project Governance Framework: Developed and implemented a governance framework to ensure that all project activities aligned with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management Strategies: Identified potential project risks, both financial and operational, and established mitigation strategies to pre-emptively address these challenges.

Reporting and Compliance: Set up a comprehensive reporting system to keep all stakeholders informed and ensure compliance with all regulatory, environmental, and corporate governance standards.

The Result

The governance and risk management strategies led to the project's successful adherence to its timelines, budget, and regulatory requirements. The project not only met its initial goals but also set a benchmark for future renewable energy projects in terms of risk management and governance.

Enhanced Compliance and Governance: Ensured the project adhered to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and governance, enhancing investor and stakeholder confidence.

Robust Risk Management: Mitigated significant potential risks, ensuring smooth project execution and stability.

Transparent Reporting: Fostered an environment of transparency and accountability, crucial for continuous funding and suppo

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