RFP Support and capability enablement for a FTTP program

Supporting a design and construction company in winning a new major contract and enabling the capability to deliver.


National Telecommunications Design and Construction Contractor


Strategic Advisory

RFP Response Support

Capability Enablement

Market engagement


Design andConstruct Specialists

Team Deployment

Contractor Onboarding

Process Definition

Quality Practices

Design Systems and Mobile Tools

1 Year

The Challenge

Our client aimed to expand their business by securing a major new telecommunications customer. As newcomers to this customer, they needed assistance in understanding and meeting the design and quality requirements specified in the Request for Proposal (RFP). Upon winning the contract, the challenge shifted to quickly implementing the new capabilities, maintaining the highest quality standards within the limited timeframe before work commencement.

The Solution

Gibson Quai International (GQI), with its extensive experience in similar programs, provided expert advice and direct inputs into the RFP process on behalf of our client. This support included preparing response documents, submission artefacts, and presentation packs, as well as representing the client in presentations to the customer. Post-contract, GQI assembled a complete design and planning team, from management to specialist designers, to establish robust design and deployment processes. Additionally, GQI facilitated the integration of outsourced design services and modern survey and design tools, including mobile data collection tools and desktop design solutions.

The Result

Our client not only secured the contract with their targeted customer but also garnered additional work based on the capabilities established. The new mix of in-house and outsourced design services, coupled with advanced survey and design tools, allowed them to exceed customer expectations. Their submissions, refined through the structures we helped establish, achieved a 100% accuracy rate on the first submission. Following this success, they expanded the use of mobile solutions to include construction capabilities. By the end of the first year of engagement, our client had become fully self-sufficient, with our team transitioning to direct engagements, marking the completion of our role in this successful enablement.

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